Bogle Pass Angus

Bogle Pass Angus is owned by Anson and Cathy Lewis, along with their two young children, Hailey & Connor.

Bogle Pass Angus is a cow herd that has long ties to the history of the Angus breed.  Anson’s Great-Great Grandfather, Alex McKinnon was one of the first importers of Angus cows in 1889; ever since, the family has raised Angus cattle.

Bogle Pass, itself, started in 1998, when Anson’s Grandfather, Doug McKinnon, purchased two cows for Anson, one red & one black.  Since that point, through extensive AI and Embryo work, the herd has grown to 130 cows.

Bogle Pass Angus has strived to make a solid cow base for itself and its customers, with great concentration on maternal lines of cattle.