Lewis Land & Stock

Lewis Land and Stock is a very diversified partnership enterprise comprising of Lewis Farms owned by Don & Sharon Lewis (father & mother) who run a 700 ewe flock; Eweville Station owned by Jay (son) & Penny who run a lamb operation marketing 20,000 lambs a year; Bogle Pass Angus owned by Anson (son) & Cathy Lewis who run a 130 purebred Red Angus cow herd. In 2018, Lewis Land and Stock expanded to include Blake Lewis (grandson) who owns and runs a 300 ewe flock; and Cory Lewis (grandson) who owns and runs CJ Bucking Bulls consisting of Longhorn herd with bucking bull genetics that provides to the Rodeo circuit.

Lewis Land and Stock had various divisions that are comprised as follows:

The Trucking Division not only provides services to move its own livestock and grain to and from markets, it moves other bulk commodities, such as salt, gravel, sand & steel all over Ontario.
The Dairy Division was started in 2015 when they took over Uncle John McKinnon’s dairy division and built a new dairy barn. They are presently robotic milking 66 cows.
The Cropping Division grows a multitude of crops – wheat, corn, canola, oats, potatoes, white beans, rye, and soybeans over an acreage of 6,000 acres. Although Lewis Land and Stock produces livestock, the growth in the recent years is focusing more on crops for direct human consumption such as White Beans, IP soybeans, Rye for Hiram Walker, and potatoes for the fresh potato market.
The Solar Division was born in 2016 with a Lease Agreement between Lewis Land and Stock and Samsung allowing for the construction on Lewis property of a 50-megawatt solar farm. This operation has provided opportunities with expansion of the ewe flock to be used in grass maintenance.

The Lewis name has been involved in agriculture in the South Grey county area for over 100 years. The original Lewis, James Lewis, took over his father-in-law’s farm in 1908 form John Brown who had farmed it since the Crown in 1852. The same farm is still being operated by the Lewis family. Lewis Land and Stock operates as a family business, not only does it provide a living for Don, Anson, Jay and their families, it also provides for 15 + other family units in the community.